The Easiest Way to Buy a Philippine Home From the US

The Easiest Way to Buy a Philippine Home From the US

One of the biggest hurdles to buying a home in the Philippines as a Filipino living in the US has always been financing. With traditional lending institutions in the US unwilling to finance properties outside the country, you need to either have enough cash to pay in full up front or a whole lot of patience.

The problem with securing financing from a Philippine bank

While financing your Philippine home through a Philippine bank is definitely possible, doing so can be challenging due to factors such as:

  • Limited options
  • Stricter documentation requirements due to your residence and source of income being outside the country
  • More challenging communication and coordination
  • The need for a trusted and willing representative to transact in the Philippines on your behalf

The good news is there’s a simpler, more convenient alternative.

The solution: Asenso Home Loans

With Asenso Home Loans, all you have to do is apply for financing online and we’ll assign you a dedicated loan officer who will help and guide you every step of the way. And with our growing network of partner banks and lending institutions, you can rest assured that you’ll also get access to financing options with the most favorable terms based on your specific requirements and financial situation.

Unlike most traditional lenders, Asenso Home Loans offers bias-free financing options that do not discriminate based on factors such as your age, race, residency status, and employment setup. In addition, once your loan application is approved, you’ll also be able to manage and pay everything online using your US bank account.

Make your dream home in the Philippines a reality with Asenso

Buying your dream home in the Philippines is easier than you think with Asenso. Apply for a home loan today to get started.