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Cross-Border Mortgage

This option is for those U.S. residents purchasing properties in the Philippines.

Instead of paying cash for your property purchase, you can now apply for a mortgage with the same down payment at time of purchase. The loan terms are usually 3 or 5 years fixed rates with 10 years amortization.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

This option is great if you want to be able to spread your loan payments out over a period of 15 to 30 years.

While there are some cases where your monthly payments may be adjusted to account for things such as the cost of property taxes and homeowners insurance premiums, in most cases, you can expect to be charged a fixed monthly amount throughout the life of your loan with a fixed rate mortgage.

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FHA Loan

Looking for an option with a lower minimum down payment, more reasonable credit expectations, and more flexible income requirements? The FHA Loan is perfect for you.

Insured against default by the Federal Housing Administration, this type of loan allows banks to issue loans without much risk or capital requirements, giving people who may not qualify for a conventional mortgage a great alternative for funding their single-family or multi-family home.

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VA Home Loan

Available in all 50 states, the Veterans Administration (VA) Home Loan is a great low-cost, low-risk option for you if you meet any of the following conditions:

  1. You served in the military for 181 days during peacetime
  2. You served in the military for 90 days during wartime
  3. You are the spouse of a serviceman who lost their life or is missing in action

Aside from reduced closing costs and zero prepayment penalties, a VA home loan also comes with a lower interest rate and better terms than a conventional home loan—all on top of various services you can avail if you find yourself in danger of defaulting.

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Aside from the FHA Loan, the USDA Loan is another low-cost option to consider if you don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Aside from the lower interest rates and more reasonable credit requirements, it also doesn’t require a down payment. The only catch is it requires you to use the loan proceeds to buy a home in designated rural and suburban locations.

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Jumbo Loan

Eyeing a property that is too expensive for a conventional loan (i.e., over 548,250 in most counties)? You’ll need to apply for a jumbo loan.

It typically comes with either a fixed or adjustable interest rate and a variety of terms.

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Bank Statement Home Loan

Perfect for eligible self-employed home buyers*, Asenso’s Bank Statement Home Loan allows you to use personal or business bank statements to calculate your income without requiring tax returns.

The product is available for purchase and cash-out or rate-term refinancing and can be used with primary/secondary home, investment properties, single-family, townhomes, and condos.


  • 12-24 months’ worth of personal or business bank statements
  • Additional documentation to qualify income

*Not all self-employed borrowers will qualify. Additional documents may be required for eligibility.

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Investor Cash Flow Loan

Looking to grow your property investment portfolio? Asenso’s Investor Cash Flow Loan is the perfect option for you.

Instead of requiring employment information and tax returns, this product allows you to use the cash flow from an existing property to qualify for a home loan.

At a glance:

  • Available for purchases and cash-out or rate-term refinancing
  • No limit on total number of properties
  • Maximum loan amount of $1.5 million
  • Can be used for non-warrantable condos, short-term rentals, and VRBOs
  • Cannot be used for condo hotels
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